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Prayer Works !

In the 15th verse of 1 Samuel chapter 1, Hannah sadly confesses to Eli: “I have been praying here out of my great anguish and grief…May your servant find favor in your eyes.” Later, in verse 27, returning joyfully to the same location she testifies: “I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. And now I give him to the Lord.” The testimonies you are about to hear are proof that prayer works. They are heartfelt, true reports from individuals, like Hannah, who submitted their prayer requests and discovered that our Heavenly Father does indeed answer prayers. So, leave your request, and once God answers, do like Hannah, return to the same place with your praise report.

Peaceful Lake

Chinet Dossous

Brooklyn, New York

Received his green card  in spite of  a deportation letter from immigration.

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Forest in Nature

Banio Beaubrun

Ontario, Canada

Got the job that he was looking for after being unemployed for a while.

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Mountain and River

Diana Pierre-Louis

Boston, Massachusetts

She passed all her difficult exams with  good grades.

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Fog and Nature

Soeur Kerlange

Maryland, USA

Family in Haiti got their visa after being denied for more than six years.

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Ketty Sully

Austin, Texas

Her son was miraculously saved from a terrible car accident.

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River Valley

Jacques Laurient

Atlanta, Georgia

Praises God for the spiritual nourishment the radio provides.

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To submit your prayer request, click here. To leave your praise report or testimony, call 678-500-9221.

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